Cemetery of the Westfield Presbyterian Church
Section II Gravestone photographs
Plan Map of Cemetery
(using scheme laid out in Guide to the Colonial Cemetery of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey by Herbert A. Halsey)
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Wanted: Local Westfield photographers who will contribute digital photos to this effort.
Please email us with any photos from this cemetery....one or one hundred.

Conklen Ludlum A-58
Conklen Ludlum A-59
Henry Ludlum A-60
Susanna Clark A-66
John Clark A-68
Rachel Ludlum B-51
Charles Gillman B-52
Jacob Tucker B-53
Phebe Tucker B-54
Sarah Tucker B-55
Daniel Conkling B-56
Robert Acken B-61
Elizabeth Lambert B-63
Rebekah DeCamp B-67
Walter DeCamp B-68
Abner Ross C-64
Noah March B-66
Hannah Ludlum C-70
Lewis Ross D-68
David Ross D-69
Hannah (Ludlum) Ross D-70
Phebe Pierson E-37
Henry Baker E-38
Temperance Baker E-41
Nathaniel Baker E-43
Abigail Baker E-44
Nathaniel Baker E-46
Moses Baker E-47
Mary Baker E-48
Sarah Ludlum E-49
John Davis 3rd E-55
John Davis, Jr. E-58
Sarah Conklin E-59
Rachel Squier E-60
Thomas Squier E-61
Rebekah Squier E-62
Hannah Hatfield E-63
Hannah Squier E-64
Eleazer Squier E-68
Rachel Squier E-69
John Crane F-26
Anna Crane F-27
Rev. John Crane F-31
Mary Woodruff F-34
William Bryant Woodruff F-35
(Baby) Woodruff F-37
Mary Woodruff F-38
Isaac Frazee, Jr. F-40
Isaac Frazee F-41
Susannah Frazee F-42
Sarah Scudder F-44
Susannah Frazee F-45
John Davis F-46
Susannah Davis F-47
Elizabeth Ross F-48
Sarah Jennings F-56
David Ross F-64
Anna Ross F-65
David Ross, Jr. F-67
Ezekiel Ross F-69
Sarah Ross F-70
Rachel Scudder F-72
John Robinson G-10
Mary Robinson G-13
John Crane, Sr. G-19
Huldah Crane G-20
Hannah Crane G-21
Old Stone (1737) G-24
William Clark, Jr. G-26
Rachel Clark G-27
Sarah Clark G-28
Deborah Clark G-29
Azariah Clark G-30
Charles Clark G-31
Mary Clark G-32
Rebecca Deane G-33
Dr. Samuel Woodruff G-34
John Scudder G-43
John Williams G-46
Ezekiel Williams G-48
Miles Williams G-51
John Williams G-52
Rachel Williams G-53
Zebulon Jennings, Jr. G 54
Hezekiah Jennings G-55
Sarah McMannis G-68
Kinney McMannis G-69
Abigail Crane H-21
Jonathan Crane, Esq. H-28
Mary Crane H-30
Esther Frazee H-36
Joanna Crane I-38
Sarah Crane I-39
Sabra C. Crane I-40
Hannah Crane I-42
Mary Denman I-51
John Denman I-53
William Pangborn I-63
Isaac Pangborn I-64
Abigail Pangborn I-65
Lewis Pangborn I-66
Ester Hubbell J-7
Hetty Clark J-18
John B. Clark J-20
Rebekah Clark J-21
Jesse Clark J-26
Charity Clark J-27
Sally Clark J-28
Sarah Clark J-29
Abraham Clark J-30
Sarah Clark J-31
Samuel Cook J-32
Edward Clark J-33
Phebe Clark J-35
Amos Crane J-68
Benjamin Crane J-70
Jacob Thompson Crane J-72
Benjamin Crane, Jr. J-73
Sarah Crane J-75
Samuel Roberson K-10
Hannah Roberson K-11
John Scudder K-13
Jane Scudder K-14
Sarah Scudder K-16
Elizabeth Freeman K-19
Ephraim Scudder K-20
Martha Ludlum K-21
Joanna Scudder K-22
Jacob Garthwaite K-24
Sarah Miller K-33
David Crane K-49
Margaret Ludlum K-59
Elizabeth Ludlum K-60
Ephraim Marsh K-64
Abner Cory L-57
Berley Cory L-58
Christopher Denman L-60
Abigail Denman L-61
Rebecca Denman L-62
Abram Hendricks Denman L-63
Jacob Davis L-69
Mary Davis L-70
Jacob Davis L-71
Lydia (Craig) Hendricks M-3
Isaac Hendricks M-4
Sarah Hendricks M-5
John Scudder M-13
Phebe Meeker M-15
Amos Scudder M-16
Phebe Scudder M-17
Theodore Scudder M-18
Benjamin Scudder M-20
Esther Connet M-23
Mary Connet M-24
Frazee Connet M-26
Esther Connet M-27
Benjamin Connet M-28
Benjamin Connet M-29
Isaac Connet M-47
James F. High M-49
Clark Baker M-50
Charles Clark, Jr M-55
Anna Clark M-56
Anna Williams M-57
Sarah Tucker M-58
Clarissa Tucker M-60
Rebecca Ann Townley M-62
Nancy Dickerson M-64
Susan Francis Townley M-66
Elizabeth Townley M-67
David Townley M-67
Freelove Lambert M-70
James Lambert M-71
Hannah Lambert M-73
Julia J. (Lambert) Scudder M-75
Hannah Miller N-3
Noah Miller N-4
Noah Miller N-5


Brooks Miller N-6
Daniel Jisup Keyt N-7
James Keyt N-9
Elizabeth Keyt N-10
Anna Ross N-12

Ephraim Marsh O-21
Anna Woodruff O-22
Dr. Philemon Elmer O-23
Mary (Marsh) Elmer O-24
Julia Elmer O-25
Ephraim Marsh O-26
Phebe Marsh O-27
Rachel Sayre O-30
Rachel Sayre O-31
Martha Vreeland O-32
David Clark O-44
David Clark, Jr. O-48
David Clark O-49
Matthias Clark, Jr. O-50
Charity Clark O-51
Matthias Clark O-52
Joseph Wooduff O-53
Mary Williams O-58
Harriet Elizabeth Townley O-61
Melancthon Townley O-62
Moses Mills O-66
Mary P. Stites O-67
Benjamin Stites O-68
Augustus Stites O-70
Mary Stites O-71
Sarah M. Stites O-73
Harriet (Stites) Osborn O-74
Mary M. Squier P-8
Joseph O. Meeker P-9
Phebe Meeker P-10
Rachel Rutan P-11
John Dunham P-14
Keziah Dunham P-16
Nancy M. Elmer P-21
Catherine Elmer P-22
Caroline Elmer P-23
David Stewart Elmer P-25
Isaac Littell P-26
Jemima Littell P-27
Martha Ross P-31
Huldah Beagle P-32
John Lambert P-41
Jesse Lambert P-42
John Lambert P-43
Elizabeth Lambert P-44
John Williams P-45
Anna Williams P-47
Squire Williams P-48
Oliver Williams P-49
Phebe Williams P-50
Phebe Williams P-51
Anna Williams P-51
Jonathan Williams P-53
Charlotte Denman P-54
Susannah Denman P-55
John DeHart Crane P-56
David Crane P-58
Mary Edgar Laing P-59
John Hamilton Q-1
Almira Townley Q-2
Gertrude S. Townley Q-3
Gertrude T. Townley Q-3
David H. Townley Q-5
William Townley Q-6
Edward Townley Q-7
Anna Townley Q-8
John Meeker Q-10
Ogden Squier Q-11
Jonathan Marsh Q-18
Mary Marsh Q-19
Silvanus Pierson Q-20
Mary Pierson Q-21
Elizabeth Pierson Q-22
William Pierson Q-23
Elizabeth Williams Q-37
Sarah Scott Q-43
Ephraim Williams Q-44
Phebe Williams Q-45
Lavina Williams Q-46
Nathaniel P. Baker R-44
Sarah Baker R-45
Joshua Baker R-46
David R. Downer R-50
Sarah Downer R-52
David R. Downer R-53
Abba Downer R-54
Mary Downer R-55
Aaron Downer R-56
Sarah Downer R-57
Samuel Downer, Jr. R-58
Hannah (Downer) Osborn R-59
Simeon Clark S-46
David P. Pierson S-48
Margaret Pierson S-50
Benjamin Pierson S-51
Samuel Downer, Sr. S-52
Hannah Downer S-53
Lewis Ludlow S-54
Keziah Ludlow S-55
Benjamin Ludlow S-57
Philip Ludlow S-58
Dr. Isaac Ludlow S-59
Sarah Ludlow S-61
Melancthon H. Ludlow S-62
Jacob Baker S-64
Mary Burlock S-68
Catherine C. Lee T-12
Edwin D. Pierson T-13
Sarah D. Clark T-14
Silvanus Pierson T-15
Nancy Pierson T-16
Anna R. Pierson T-19
Sarah Pierson T-20
William Pierson T-21
Thomas Terry T-34
Catherine Terry T-35
Abigail Terry T-36
Nancy Terry T-37
William Terry T-38
William Terry T-39
John R. Crane T-53
Phebe Crane T-54
Phebe Crane T-55
John Grant Crane T-56
Sarha Pierson Crane T-57
Stephen Crane T-58
David Nehry Crane T-60
Sarah Miller T-68
Abraham Miller T-69
Isaac Freeman U-4
Samuel Yamans U-8
Mary A. Clark U-44
Job Clark U-45
William Clark U-46
William Clark U-47
Sarah H. Clark U-48
Jabez Clark U-50
Caroline Clark U-51
Hanson Cox Clark U-53
Sarah Hatfield Clark U-55
Emily Scudder Clark U-56
Stewart F. Randolph Clark U-57
Margaret F. Clark U-58
William Clark, Jr. U-59
John Shaw U-60
Samuel Miller V-9
Nathan Miller V-11
William Miller, 3rd V-15
Martha Miller V-17
Sally Miller V-18
Clark Miller V-19
Martha Miller V-20
Parkis Miller V-21
Charles Miller V-22
Isaac Miller V-23
Abraham Clark Miller V-24
Hedges Baker V-35
Daniel Baker, Jr. V-36
Daniel Baker V-37
Margaret Baker V-38
Hedges Baker V-39
Charlotte W. Baker V-40
Thomas Willis W-1
Hannah Willis W-2
James Willis W-3
John Perrine W-10
Sabra Perrine W-11
Daniel Perrine W-12
Polly Willis Perrine W-13
Mary Ann Hawkins W-34
Isaac Ball W-37
David Watkins Ball W-37

Josiah Arrowsmith Davis W-39
David Baker W-47
Aaron Hatfield X-1
Sally Hetfield X-2
Samuel Hetfield X-3
Phebe (Hetfield) Enders X-5
Matthias Hetfield X-7
Mary Eliza Hetfield X-8
Abraham Marsh X-12
Ann Maria Hetfield Y-2
Mary Ann Hetfield Y-3
Mary Hetfield Y-4
Zophar Hetfield Y-5
Sarah Hetfield Y-7
Benjamin Williams Y-9
Abraham Williams Y-13
John Mooney Y-16
Elizabeth Mooney Y-17
J. P. Mooney Y-18
Samuel Woodruff Y-38
Aaron Woodruff Y-39
John Terry Woodruff Y-40
Ruth Cory Y-41
Jonathan Woodruff Y-43
Sarah Woodruff Y-45
Augustus Fraser Y-55
Henry Baker Y-64
Mary Ann (Radley) Baker Y-65
Jacob Baker Y-66
James Huntting Baker Y-67
Eliza B. Burrows Z-28
Rachel Burrows Z-28
Mary Briant Z-34
Sarah Briant Z-35
Andrew Briant Z-36
John Briant Z-37
William Baker Z-40
Jemima Baker Z-42
Nancy W. Baker Z-43
Jeremiah Baker Z-44
Jacob Baker Z-45
Anna Maria Baker Z-46
Margaretta Baker Z-47
William B. Baker Z-48
Charles H. Cavalier Z-53
Betsy Ross Hicks AA-4
Ichabod Ross AA-8
Phebe Ross AA-10
Elizabeth Ross AA-11
John D. Lamb AA-12
Mary Hetfield AA-13
Mary T. Ross AA-14
John Ross AA-15
Ichabod Ross AA-16
Betsy Ross AA-17
Ellen Albert Coriell AA-18
"Infant" Coriell AA-20
Irene Coriell AA-21
John Miller AA-22
Phebe Miller AA-24
Elizabeth Miller AA-24
Abner Miller AA-25
Anna Coriell AA-26
John Scudder AA-27
Sarah Davis Scudder AA-28
Sarah A. Scudder AA-29
John Scudder AA-30
Nancy Scudder AA-31
Keziah Baker AA-37
Jonathan I. Baker AA-39
Hannah Squier Acken AA-41
Caleb Squier AA-43
John Squier AA-44
Rachel Squier AA-45
Mary Squier AA-46
Phebe Ann Squier AA-47
Anne Littell AA-52
Anne Acken
Anne Sayre
Rachel Frazee AA-54
Caleb Maxwell AA-55
Susanna Maxwell AA-56
Elizabeth Hand AA-59
Samuel Frazee AA-60
Lintese Frazee AA-62
Sarah (Frazee) Pease AA-63
Simeon Frazee AA-64
Sarah Tucker AB-1
Sabra Clark Tucker AB-2
David Tucker AB-3
Samuel Miller Tucker AB-4
Matthias Sayres AB-5
Patience Sayres AB-6
Thompson Sayre AB-8
Patience Beagle AB-9
John Ross, Jr. AB-12
Hannah (Ross) Freeman AB-13
Joanna (Ross) Tucker AB-14
Phebe Cole AB-16
Mary Cole
Moses Lambert AB-17
Sarah Lambert AB-19
Rachel Hand AB-20
Mary Hand AB-21
Isaac Littell AB-23
Hannah Littell AB-22
Sarah K. Littell AB-24
Susannah Littell AB-25
Betty Littell AB-26
Sarah Connet AB-27
Edward Connet AB-28
Margaret Connet AB-29
Anna Connet AB-30
Sarah Miller AB-39
Abner I. Miller AB-40
Charles Marsh AB-42
Abby Marsh Ab-44
Ezekiel Marsh AB-45
Elizabeth Marsh AB-47
Hannah Locey AB-51
Sarah Locey AB-53
John Locey AB-54
Sarah R. Locey AB-56
Benjamin Locey AB-58
Mary Sayres AC-5
Andrew Cory AC-14
John Scudder[Jr.] AC-20
Isaac William Littell AC-22
Jonas Frazee Littell AC-23
Susan Littell AC-24
William H. Littell AC-25
Harriet Littell AC-25
Moses T. Littell AC-26
Elias N. Littell
John R. Miller AD-14
Abigail Miller AD-16
Winans Clark AD-17
Sally Clark AD-19
Patty Parsels AD-20
Patty Parsels AD-20
Stephen Parsels AD-22
Mary Woodruff AD-28
Abraham Clark AD-32
Elizabeth Clark AD-33
Silas Marsh AD-43
Martha Maria Marsh AD-49
Joseph Halsey AE-9
Dorothea Py AE-12
Elizabeth Cebra Baker AE-30
James Ross Baker AE-32
Henry Baker AE-33
Hannah (Ross) Baker AE-35
Sarah Ross AE-38
John Ross AE-40
Isaac Williams AF-9
Margaret Williams AF-11
Ebenezer Williams AF-13
Sarah T. Ludlow AF-15
Sarah T. Ludlow AF-16
John Ludlow AF-17
Mary Ludlow AF-18
George W. Pierson AF-26
Phebe Baker AF-34
Elizabeth Baker AG-9
Jesse C. Baker AG-10
Jesse C. Baker AG-10 [10/04]
Jesse C. Baker AG-10 [10/04]
Jacob Ludlum AG-12
Margaret Ludlum AG-14
William W. Ludlow AG-15
Margaret P. Ludlow AG-16
Anna (Clark) Ludlow AG-17
Jacob Ludlow AG-18
Prudence Lee AG-19
Philip Miller AG-21
Elizabeth (Lee) Miller
Mary Lee AG-22
Nathan Leonard AG-24
Caroline Gurnee AG-25

Cemetery of the Westfield New Jersey Presbyterian Church - Section 1

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