Cemetery of the Westfield Presbyterian Church
Section III Gravestone photographs
Plan Map of Cemetery
(using scheme laid out in Guide to the Colonial Cemetery of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey by Herbert A. Halsey)
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Frazee M. Terry - AJ-1-1
Daniel A. Terry - AJ-1-2
Hannah Terry AJ-1-3
Thomas Terry AJ-1-4
Lydia A. Connet AK-1-1
Matthew Connet AK-1-2
Phebe Jane Pierson AK-2-1
Jane E. Pierson AK-2-2
Mary H. Baker Crane AK-3-1
Benjamin F. Crane AK-3-2
Mary [Crane?] Marshall AK-3-3
Benjamin Franklin Crane AK-3-4
Mary L. French AL-3-1
Isaac French AL-3-2
Mary D. Woodruff AL-3-3
Benjamin Woodruff, Jr AL-3-4
"Infant" Woodruff AL-3-4
Catherine Davis (French) Woodruff AL-4-1
William S. Woodruff AL-4-2
Catherine W. Hatfield AL-5-1
Zophar Hatfield AL-5-2
Susanna (Denman) Cory AM-2-1
Benjamin Cory AM-2-2
William French AM-3-1
Jacob D. French AM-3-2
Lydia (Pierson) French AM-3-3
Wilbur French AM-3-4
Isaac French AM-3-5
Elizabeth Miller AM-5-1
William Crane AM-6-1
Keziah Crane AM-6-2
William Grant Crane AM-6-3
Lutitia Miller Crane AM-6-4
William Crane AM-6-5
David Briant AN-1-1
Sarah Cole Marsh AN-1-2
Ann Connet Marsh AN-1-3
George Marsh AN-1-3
Elizabeth (Mooney) Marsh AN-2-1
Sarah MArsh AN-2-2
Eli Marsh AN-2-3
Phebe (Webb) Squier AN-4-1
John Squier, Jr. AN-4-2
Margaret R. (Dodd) Squier AN-4-3
Little Maggie Squier AN-4-4
James W. Squire AN-4-5
Caleb Maxwell Littell AN-5-1
Mary Ross (Clark) Littell AN-5-2
Mary Clark (Littell) Briggs AN-5-3
Irene Littell Howe AN-5-5
Hiram Woodruff AN-6-1
Orben Miller AO-1-1
Hannah Miller AO-1-2
Abner Miller AO-1-3
Matilda F. (Losey) Baker AO-2-1
Caroline (Van Pelt) Baker AO-2-2
Cortland R. Baker AO-2-3
Sarah E. R. Radford AO-4-1
George B. Radford AO-4-2
Caroline B. Radford AO-4-3
William Henry Radford AO-4-4
William Radford AO-4-5
Edwin Radford AO-4-6
James R. Radford AO-4-7
Catherine M. Hatfield AO-5-1
Edward H. Hatfield AO-5-2
Edward W. Hatfield AO-5-3
Mary Caroline Hatfield AO-5-4
Nathaniel Radford AO-6-1
Eliza Radford AO-6-2
George S. Radford AO-6-3
Hannah Radford AO-6-4
Mary Eliza Radford AO-6-5
Amelia Radford AO-6-6
Walter Force AP-1-1
George W. Force AP-1-2
Freddie Force AP-1-3
Hannah Radley AQ-2-1
Benjamin Radley AQ-2-2
Phebe Radley AQ-2-4
John Radley AQ-2-5
John C. Clark AS-1-1
Mary Clark AS-1-2
Jane Halsey Clark AS-1-3
Abraham C. Scudder AS-2-1
Joanna Scudder AS-2-2
Cornelia W. (Scudder) Pierson AS-2-3
Amanda Scudder AS-2-4
"Daughter" Rankin AS-5-1
Elizabeth C. Scudder AT-1-1
Alfred McVicar AT-2-1
James McVicar AT-2-2
Jane Hamilton McVicar AT-2-3
Donald McVicar AT-2-4
Marion Marshall McVicar AT-2-5
William Moffett AT-6-1
Levina Wilson Moffett AT-6-2
Hugh Todd AT-6-3
Sarah Todd AT-6-4
Stewart B. Todd AT-6-5
Charles Marsh AU-1-1
Abbey Marsh AU-1-2
Lafey McVicar AU-2-1
Martha Washington McVicar AU-2-2
John Nelson AU-4-1
Elizabeth Nelson AU-4-2
Joshua Nelson AU-4-3
Hannah Trembly AU-5-1
"Infant" Todd AU-6-1
William C. Lilly AV-1-1
Laura Little (Ludlow?) AV-2-1
Winfield Scott Ludlow AV-2-2
Juliette Ludlow AV-2-3
Samuel Pierson Headley AV-3-1
Samuel Headley AV-3-2
May J. Headley AV-3-3
Melancthon Dunham AV-4-1
Anna C. Ludlow AW-2-1
Mary W. Ludlow AW-2-2
Thomas H. Ludlow AW-2-3
William H. Ludlow AW-2-4
Maggie P. Stephenson AW-2-5
Benjamim Cory AX-1-1
John C. Cory AX-1-2
Catherine C. Cory AX-1-3
Jonathon Cory AX-1-5
Amos P. Cory AX-1-6
David B. Cory AX-1-7
Emily M. Cory AX-1-8
Cyrus Grant AX-2-1
John M. Clark AX-3-1
Maria Clark AX-3-2
Cemetery of the Westfield New Jersey Presbyterian Church - Section 1

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