Cemetery of the Westfield Presbyterian Church
Section IV Gravestone photographs
Plan Map of Cemetery
(using scheme laid out in Guide to the Colonial Cemetery of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey by Herbert A. Halsey)
Order a copy of the above book from the Westfield Historical Society

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Wanted: Local Westfield photographers who will contribute digital photos to this effort.
Please email us with any photos from this cemetery....one or one hundred.

Maria E. Williams AE-6-1
John Meeker AF-5-1
Electa Meeker AF-5-2
Freeman M. Littell AG-3-1
Charlotte Littell AG-3-2
Julia R. Littell AG-3-3
Thomas T. Hatfield AG-5-1
Irene Hatfield AG-5-2
James H. Haines AH-3-1
Ann Post AJ-2-1
William Post AJ-2-2
Philetta M. Marsh AJ-3-1
William Marsh AJ-3-2
Emma Roff AJ-4-1
Anna E. Roff AJ-4-2
Wellington Roff AJ-4-3
Mary J. Roff AJ-4-4
Azur Roff AJ-4-5
Ferman Roff AJ-4-6
Eliza M. Foster AJ-5-1
John W. Foster AJ-5-2
Jonathan Hetfield AK-2-1
Elizabeth Hetfield AK-2-2
John T. Littell AK-3-1
Deborah Littell AK-3-2
Edwin Downer Osborn AL-4-1
Eliza Hays Osborn AL-4-2
Herbert Woodruff Osborn
Isaac Hetfield AL-5-1
Phebe Rogers Hetfield AL-5-2
Alexander N. Townley AM-2-1
Martha C. Townley AM-2-2
William M. Townley AM-2-3
Joanna Townley AM-2-4
Harriet Downer AM-4-1
Rev. Edwin Downer AM-4-2
Keven Happuch Newkirk AM-4-3
Susan L. Hetfield AM-5-1
Aaron Hetfield AM-5-2
John MArtin Thalmann AM-6-1
Magdalena Thalmann AM-6-2
Margaret Thalmann AM-6-3
Abigail Cory Pierson AN-1-1
George W. Pierson AN-1-2
Elizabeth Pierson AN-1-3
Moses Pierson AN-1-4


Amanda M. Townley Pierson AN-2-1
Charles Pierson AN-2-2
Hannah Squier Pierson AN-2-3
Elizabeth Sayre AN-3-1
John Sayre AN-3-2
Edwin D. Sayre AN-3-3
Henry H. Sayre AN-3-4
Ann Hatfield AN-5-1
Ella Hatfield AN-5-2
Amza Hatfield AN-5-3
Phebe Potter AN-6-1
John Potter AN-6-2
Stephen Clark AN-6-3
Amarintha Matthews AN-6-4
Benjamin Hulsart Pierson AO-1-1
William Washington Pierson AO-1-2
Julia Amanda Pierson AO-1-3
William Martin Pierson AO-1-4
Philip Henry Pierson AO-1-5
Julia Hartop Phillips AO-1-6
Mary E. Hartop AO-1-7
Mary Pierson AO-1-8
William M. Pierson AO-1-9
Harriet Pierson AO-2-1
David Pierson AO-2-2
John P. Pierson AO-2-3
Emma Dunham Pierson AO-2-4
Louie Pierson AO-2-5
Willie Pierson AO-2-6
Adaline Davis Pierson AO-2-7
Eliza Sayre Downer AO-3-1
Alfred Sayre Downer AO-3-2
Darwin Foot Rockwell AO-4-1
Lucilla S. Rockwell AO-4-2
James Burnet Rockwell AO-4-3
Charles D. Clark AO-6-1
"Son" Clark AO-6-2
"Daughter" Clark AO-6-3
Lizzie Thompson Baker AP-3-1
Arthur Howard Baker AP-3-2
Elizabeth Webb Baker AP-3-3
Walter Augustus Baker AP-3-4
Martha E. Acor AP-5-1
Mary Jane Acor AP-5-2
Lewis D. Acor AP-5-3
William Cory AP-6-1
Charity Cory AP-6-2
Nancy W. Baker AQ-3-1
William Baker, Jr. AQ-3-2
Jane R. Thompson Baker AQ-3-3
Charles Davis AQ-4-1
John W. Scudder AQ-5-1
John L. Scudder AQ-5-2
Anna M. Scudder AQ-6-1
Daniel S. Scudder AQ-6-2
Mary Scudder AQ-6-3
William Scudder AQ-6-4
Theophilus Pierson AR-1-1
Nancy Pierson AR-1-2
Fanny Pierson AR-1-3
Eliza Pierson AR-1-4
Jonas Pierson AR-1-5
Connet Pierson AR-6-1
George H. Pierson AR-1-7
George M. Marsh AR-2-1
Hannah Miller AR-3-1
David Miller AR-3-2
John Miller AR-3-3
Unknown AR-3-4
Arthur Clark AR-5-1
Mary Elizabeth Juriette AT-1-1
Joseph F. Juriette AT-1-2
James Gionnini AT-1-3
Mary Gionnini AT-1-4
Arthur Gionnini AT-1-5
Matilda B. Cattanio Juriette AT-1-6
Woodward Dunham AU-5-1
Nehemiah Dunham AU-5-2
May J. Dunham AU-5-3
Hudson L. Dunham AU-5-4
Elizabeth Lines AV-1-1
Kunkel Henry Bindenberger AV-3-1
Karolina M. Bindenberger AV-3-2
Elizabeth Bindenberger AV-3-3
Margaret Bindenberger AV-3-4
Philip H. Bindenberger AV-3-5
Josephine Bindenberger AW-3-1
Sarah Townley Mason AX-2-1
Rebecca Rogers AX-2-2
John Mott AX-2-4
Lucy Mott AX-2-5
Cemetery of the Westfield New Jersey Presbyterian Church - Section 1

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