Church Manual,

For The


Of The

First Presbyterian Church,

Elizabeth-Town, N.J.

Compiled By John M'Dowell, D.D. Pastor; And Publish

ed By Order Of The Session Of Said Church.



Printed By J. And E. Sanderson.

Dec. 1824

Transcribed and published By

David James Honea-Phillips

Sparks, Nevada

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Dedicated to all those wandering souls that came out over Route 66 to carve out their place in history. Some lost their fortunes, their homes, and even their lives. We should all be grateful for their sacrifice; for their lot in life forged the steel in our very soul.

Thanks go to my Mom and Dad for giving me the sense to appreciate my roots.

Semper Fidelis.

                          David James Honea-Phillips


All text reads exactly as printed in the year of 1824, and no corrections have been made to any person's name, event, spelling, or grammar of that era. WYSIWYG! Enjoy the information, and I hope you find something of use in all this history.


Sketch Of The History


Of The


First Presbyterian Church,






Elizabeth-Town was the third settlement made in the state of New-Jersey, and the first that was made by the English. The first settlers, it is supposed, were chiefly last from the region of Jamaica, Long-Island. The town was purchased of the Indians, A.D. 1664, by a company called the Elizabeth-Town Associates; seventy-four in number; was settled either the same of the following year. Most of the names of the first settlers are still found among the present inhabitants of the town.

Among the regulations made by the Duke of York, for settlers in this province, under which regulations Elizabeth-Town was settled, we find the following respecting the support of the Gospel: "Every township is obliged to pay their own minister, according to such agreement they shall make with him, and no man to refuse his own proportion; the minister being elected by the major part of the householders, and inhabitants of the town."

At what time the First Presbyterian Church of this town was founded, is uncertain; but most probably very soon after the settlement of the town. For in the agreement made among the associates, when they purchased the land, as to the proportion which each should have, there is mention made of a town lot, of largest size, for the minister. The probability is, that the congregation is as old as the town. Under what form of church government, whether Congregational, or Presbyterian, the congregation was first organized, is uncertain. It is also uncertain who the minister or the ministers were, prior to 1687; or whether the congregation had any stated pastor prior to that time. It is however highly probable that they had.

October 1st, 1687, the Rev. John Harriman was the settled pastor of this congregation. He appears to have come from New-England, probably from New-Haven, and to have been in the middle of life when he first settled. He was the pastor of this congregation for seventeen years. Of his ministerial character, nothing is known. He appears to have been an active man, and was frequently selected by the town for the transaction of civil business.

About June 1st, 1704, Mr. Melyne was ordained and installed as pastor of this congregation. Whether Mr. Melyne was settled before Mr. Harriman's death is uncertain: it is however probable he was. Mr. Melyne continued here only a short time. From some traditions respecting him, it appears that his moral character soon became suspicious, which occasioned uneasiness among the people, and he ceased to be their minister. In what way the connexion was dissolved, and what became of Mr. Melyne afterwards, is not known. The nest pastor of this congregation was the Rev. Jonathan Dickinson, whose fame still is in the churches, and will continue as long as piety, orthodoxy, and clear and conclusive reasoning are respected and loved.

His native place was Hatfield, in Massachusetts. He was educated at Yale College, Connecticut. The precise time when he settled is not known. From an old deed on record, dated June, 1710, it appears, he then owned land in the Town, and was therefore settled, probably, sometime before this. The general impression of aged people is, that he was pastor of this congregation about forty years; and therefore he must have settled about in the year 1707 or 1708. When he was about twenty years of age. He died October 7th, 1747, in the 60th year of his age. His remains are interred in the grave-yard of this congregation.


As a divine, Mr. Dickinson was undoubtedly one of the greatest our country has produced. His fame is great, not only in the American church, but also in Europe. His works which have been committed to the press, are, Five Points, Familiar Letters, Familiar Dialogues, several pieces on the subject of Episcopacy, a treatise on Regeneration, another on Infant Baptism, and another in vindication of God's Sovereign Free Grace, an account of the Deliverance of Robert Barrow, and Four Sermons on the Reasonableness of Christianity. It is to be regretted that these works have never yet been collected and published together.

The estimation in which Mr. Dickinson was, and is held by the clergy, may be learned from several printed recommendations prefixed to his works. Among others, we find the following attestation respecting him: "He was an accurate scholar, a powerful reasoner, a deep devine, and an eminent Christian. His writings have been considered for many years past by the Presbyterian church, both in Scot-land and in America, as containing a sort of standard of orthodox principles, and evangelical piety." In his writings, this great man showed his attachment to the distinguishing doctrines of grace, as contained in the Confession of Faith of the Presbyterian church. These doctrines be not only held, but clearly elucidated, and most ably defended. These were the doctrines he preached. May his successors ever preach the same; and may they to the latest generation, be taught, and received, and loved. Mr. Dickinson was the zealous and powerful advocate of revivals of religion. In the latter part of his life, it pleased God to pour out his Spirit very extensively in New-England, and in some parts of the Presbyterian church. The leading instruments in this work were Whitefield, the Tennets, Edwards, and some others. This works was greatly opposed, not only by the professedly careless, but also by many professors of religion, and ministers of the gospel; and many pamphlets were published against it. Mr. Dickinson stood forward as its defender; and wrote in its defence, his work entitled "Familiar Dialogues." His name also stands at the head of ministers and elders of the Presbytery of New-York, who signed a protest in favor of his work. This protest is in the following words : "We protest against all those passages, in any of the pamphlets which have been published in these parts, which seem to reflect upon the work of the devine power and grace, which has been carried on in so wonderful a manner, in many of our congregations; and declare to all the world, that we look upon it to be the indispensable duty of all our ministers to encourage that glorious work, with their most faithful and diligent endeavors."

In this special outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it pleased God to visit this congregation. Of this revival, a particular and very interesting account is given by Mr. Dickenson, in a letter to the Rev. Mr. Foxcroft of Boston. From this letter it appears that this work visibly commenced in June, 1740, under a sermon addressed to young people. " The inward distress and concern of the audience (he observes) discovered itself by their tears, in a letter to the Rev. Mr. Foxcroft of Boston. From this letter it appears that this work visibly commenced in June, 1740, under a sermon addressed to young people. " The inward distress and concern of the audience (he observes) discovered itself by their tears, and by an audible sobbing and sighing in almost all parts of the assembly. There appeared such tokens of a solemn and deep concern, and deep concern, as I never before saw in any congregation whatsoever."

This very interesting letter is too long to quote entire. The following is the substance of some of the leading remarks. Meetings for sinful amusements were abandoned by the youth, and meetings for religious exercises substituted in their place. Numbers daily flocked to their pastor for advice in their eternal concerns. More came to see him on this errand in three months, than in thirty years before. The subjects of the work were chiefly youth. A deep sense of sin, guilt, and danger, and deep despair of help from themselves, preceded a hope in Christ. All the converts were for a considerable time under a law work, before they had satisfying views of their interest of Christ. The number of hopeful converts, during this revival, was about sixty.

In the year 1746, the College of New-Jersey, now located at Princeton, was founded. It was commenced in this town, and Mr. Dickinson was appointed its first President. The next year he died.

The Rev. Elihu Spencer, D.D. was next settled minister of this congregation. It is supposed, he also was from New-England. He was settled shortly after the death of Mr. Dickinson. It is supposed, he was the pastor of this congregation about eight years. In the time of his ministry, a charter was granted to the congregation, by Governor Belcher, bearing date August 23d, 1753. Dr. Spencer afterwards settled in Trenton, in this state, where he died.

The next pastor was Rev. Abraham Kettletas. He was ordained and installed pastor of this congregation September 14th, 1757. He was here about two years. For what cause the pastoral relation was dissolved, is now unknown. After his dismission from this people, it is believed that Mr. Kettletas never again took charge of a congregation.

The Rev. James Caldwell succeeded him. He was ordained, installed as pastor of this congregation, the latter end of the year 1761. He was much beloved by his people, and his memory is still dear to many of them who yet survive. He was a very attractive man, and a zealous, laborious, faithful and successful preacher. In 1772, there was a considerable revival under his ministry. A very few of the subjects of this revival are yet living witnesses of its genuineness. In the revolutionary war, Mr. Caldwell took a very active part, in the cause of his country. During the war, this town was greatly harassed by the enemy, and its congregation suffered severely. January 25th, 1780, the church was set on fire by a refugee, belonging to the town, and was burned to the ground. In the summer following, Mrs. Caldwell was killed at Connecticut Farms, by a British soldier, who deliberately took aim and fired at her in her own home. Mr. Caldwell was shot at Elizabeth-Town Point, November 24th, 1781, by one of our own soldiers acting as a sentinel. Thus ended his useful life, after he has been a minister of this congregation twenty years. The soldier who killed him, was tried and condemned as a murderer, and accordingly executed. The remains of Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell lie interred in the burying ground belonging to the congregation.

By these events, the congregation was brought into a truly distressed situation. They were scattered and weakened by the war; and they were without a minister, and without a house of worship. For sometime they worshipped in a large store-house, which was taken a fitted up for the purpose. But in their low estate the Lord was with them, and often manifested his presence and his power in their assemblies in that place. In 1784 commenced a considerable revival of religion, which continued two years; and which time has abundantly proved was truly a glorious work of God. Many who are still members of the church, can and will recall with pleasure and thankfulness to god, this precious season.

This congregation continued for some years after the death of Mr. Caldwell, without a settled minister, and several years elapsed before the present house was opened for the worship of God. It was dedicated by the Rev. Dr. Alexander McWhorter, about January 1st, 1786.

On the 14th of June, 1785, the Rev. William Linn, D.D. of the Presbytery of Lewis, in the state of Delaware, was installed as pastor of this congregation. His continuance was of short duration. On the 1st day of November following his pastoral relation was dissolved at his request, and he removed to the Reformed Dutch church in the city of New-York. After continuing in that city for many years, he removed to the Dutch Reformed church in the city of Albany, where he died. He was a very popular and useful preacher.

The next after Dr. Linn, was the Rev. David Austin, from New-Haven, Connecticut. He was ordained and installed pastor of the congregation September 9th, 1788. He was an active pastor, and much beloved by his people. Through his exertions among his people, the present expensive steeple was built; and the interior of the church, which had remained for many years in an unfinished state, was completed. On the 9th of May, 1797, his pastoral relation to this congregation was dissolved. He is now settled in Bozrah, in Connecticut.

The next settled minister was the Rev. John Giles, from England. He was installed June 24th, 1800, and the pastoral relation was dissolved October 7th, of the same year. He afterwards settled in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where he later died.

The Rev. Henry Kollock, D.D. of this town, succeeded him. He was ordained and installed December 10th, 1800. In consequence of his election to the office of Professor of Divinity in the College of New-Jersey, he was dismissed December 21st, 1803. He afterwards settled in the city of Savannah, Georgia, where he died greatly lamented, December 29th, 1819. He was a man of great erudation, and of eloquence almost unrivalled in his day in the American church.

On the 26th of December, 1804, the present pastor, the Rev. John M'Dowell, D.D. of Somerset, in this state, was ordained and installed. During his ministry, it has pleased the great Head of the Church to favour this congregation with several special revivals of religion.

The first visibly commenced in August, 1807, and continued about eighteen months. The number added to the communion of the church, as the fruits of this gracious work, was about one hundred and twenty.

The second commenced in December, 1812, on a communion Sabbath. This was a day of great power. As many as thirty who afterwards joined the communion of the church, dated their first serious impressions on that day. This revival continued about a year. The number of persons added to the church, as fruits of this season of refreshing, was about one hundred and ten.

The third revival visibly commenced about the beginning of February, 1817. This commenced most signally as an immediate answer to the united prayers of God's people. This revival continued about a year; and the number of persons added to the church, as its fruits, was about one hundred and eighty.

About the close of the year 1819, it leased a gracious God to grant to this church another season of special refreshing. It continued about a year; about sixty were added to the communion of the church as its fruits.

Since the commencement of the present year, 1824, this church has again been favoured in a more than ordinary degree with the special influences of the Devine Spirit. The number added to the church at the last two communions was twenty-one. A number more are seriously impressed, and it is hoped they will soon embrace the hope of the gospel, and make a public profession of their faith in Christ.

The number of communicants in this church has by means of these revivals been greatly increased. The number at the settlement of the present pastor, in 1804, was 207. In 1820, the number was 660.

December 3d, 1820, on account of the largeness of this church, a second Presbyterian church was organized. The number of communicants dismissed from this church to connect themselves with the second church at its formation and since, until the present time, amount to 73.

The whole number of communicants at present in the first church is 525. Only 90 of the members who belonged to the church at the settlement of the present pastor, twenty years since, are connected with it.

The whole number of communicants added to the church in the last twenty years, is 840- of which, 656 was on examination, and 184 on certificate from other churches.

The number of baptisms in the same time, has been, 198 adults, 924 infants.



The following table exhibits the additions, deaths, dismissions, &c. in each year, since the settlement of the present pastor; together with the whole number of communicants, and also the baptisms. A blank space is left that the table may be carried on in subsequent years.





List of Trustees,

Since The Granting Of The Charter, A.D. 1753


Present Officers Of The Church And Congregation.




Rev. John M'Dowell, D.D.


Ruling Elders,


Isaac Conklin, Isaac Crane, David Megie, Joseph Wilbur, Moses Chandler, Caleb Halsey, Obadiah Meeker, Townley Mulford, Oliver Nuttman, James F. Meeker.




Isaac Crane, David Megie, Obadiah Meeker, Moses Chandler.





Caleb Halsted, jun. Pres; George C. Barber, Elihu Brittin, William Scott, Stephen P. Brittin, Aaron Winans Jonathon Townley, junr.






List Of The Present Communicants


N.B. In the following list, wid. stands for widow, w. for wife, and c. for coloured persons. Those who joined on certificate from other churches are printed in italics. A blank column is left that changes may be noted with the pen.

When received. Remarks.

Mary Ann, wid. Barnabas Shute,

Lewis Mulford, 1770.

Mary, w. Lewis Mulford,

Sarah, wid. David Chandler,

Mary, wid. Wm. Woodruff,

Joanna, wid. David Woodruff, 1772.

Hannah, wid. Benjamin Conklin, 1776.

Abigail, wid. Michael Woodruff, do.

Phebe, wid. Wm. Halsted,

Susan, wid. Samuel Harriman, 1784.

Phebe, wid. Daniel Boozey, do.

Hannah, w. Elisha Phinney, Jan. 1785.

Mary, wid. Jos. Meeker, 1786.

Sarah, wid. William M'Adam, do.

Isaac Crane, do.

Abigail, w. Isaac Crane, do.

Moses Chandler, do.

Comfort, w. Moses Chandler, do.

Sophia, w. Ezekiel Megie, do.

Aaron Hatfield, 1786.

David Megie, do.

Phebe, w. David Megie, do.

Isaac Conklin, do.

John Conklin, do.

Sarah, w. William Christie, 1788.

Sarah, w. Gilbert Rindle, do.

Patience, wid. Neh. Tunis, do.

Hannah, wid. Benjamin Cory, do.

Mary, wid. Moses Meeker, do.

Temperance, wid. Adam Brokaw, 1789

Hannah, w. Stephen Price, do.

David Lyon, March 3, 1793.

Hetty Boyiston, do.

Catharine, wid. John Brown, April 1.

Phebe, w. Samuel Miller, May 5.

Abigail, wid. William Crane, do.

Polly Ogden, do.

Phebe, w. Jonathon Townley, do.

Hannah, w. Timothy Bigalow, do.

Prudence, wid. Aaron Winans July 7.

Abigail, wid. Moses Hatfield, do.

Hannah, wid. John Meeker, do.

Mary, wid. John Chandler, July 7, 1793.

Rebecca, wid. Anthony Price, do.

Phebe, w. Benjamin Jarvis, do.

Mary, w. Samuel Sayre, do.

Margaret, wid. John Wood, do.

Susanna Winans, do.

Elizabeth Winans, do.

Jemima, wid. Finley Chandler, Oct. 13.

Rachel, wid. Charles Tooker, do.

Sarah, w. David Moore, Feb. 2, 1794.

Sarah, w. John Whitehead, do.

Joanna, w. Isaac Conklin, do.

Ann, wid. Anthony Garthwaite, do.


Joanna, wid. Wm. Williams, June 22.

Rhoda, wid. Capt. David Lyon, Aug 3.

Abigail, wid. Morris Hatfield, do.

Phebe Crane, do.

Mary, wid. James Chapman, July 12, 1795.

Charity, w. Benjamin Ogden, do.

Benjamin Ogden, July 3, 1796.

Phebe Norris, do.

Violet, w. John Jackson, c. do.

Sally Boylston, do.

Thomas Boylston, July 3, 1796.

Benjamin Jarvis, do.

Ephraim Whitlock, do.

Nancy, w. Ephraim Whitlock, do.

James Ross, do.


Joseph Wilbur, 1797.


Sarah Ogden, 1800.


William Scott, do.


Susan, w. Shepard Kollock, January, 1802.

Dorcas, w. David Chandler, July 11.

Susan, wid. Oliver Smith, do.

Rosetta, w. Edward Price, do.

Amos Price, do.

Martha, w. Amos Price, do.

Phebe Ogden, Oct. 10.

Phebe, wid. John M. Meeker, do.

Mary, w. Jehiel Force, do.

Elizabeth, wid. Jacob Pool, Jan. 23, 1803

Rhoda, w. Major Denman, do.

Maria, w. Mulford Cory, do.

Robert Price, do.

Elias Wade, July 24.

Stephen Meeker, do.

Nehemiah Wade, July 24, 1803.

John Atchison, Nov. 6.

Charity, w. Stephen Meeker, Jan. 13, 1805.

Jane, w. Stephen H. Woodruff, do.

Abigail, w. Wm. Applegate, do.

Robert Young, April 7.

Susan, w. John C. Woodruff, do.

Rachel Crane, do.

Elizabeth Peet, July 7.

Margaret, w. Jeremiah Crane, Oct. 6.

Mary, w. Robt. Halsted, Mar. 2, 1806.

Phebe, w. Philip Earl, do.

Henrietta, w. John M'Dowell, do.

Ward Foster, June 8.

Sarah, wid. Silas Halsey, Sept. 7.

Hannah, wid. Samuel Chandler, Mar. 1, 1807.

Ichabod Chandler, June 28.

Prudence, w. Ich. Chandler, do.

Phebe, w. John Pierson, do.

Abigail, w. Elias Winans, do.

Sarah, w. Jacob Crane, Sep. 6.

Phebe, wid. Abner Chandler, Dec. 6.

Abigail, d. Abner Chandler, do.

Abigail, d. Samuel Chandler, Dec. 6, 1807.

Patience, w. Benj. Mulford, do.

Mary, wid. Benj. Howard, do.

Phebe, w. Stephen Barton, do.

Abigail, w. Henry Woodruff, do.


William Christie, do.


Elihu Bond, Mar. 6, 1808

Phebe, w. Elihu Bond, do.

Margaret, w. Samuel Miller, jun. do.

Obadiah Meeker, jun. do.

Ann, w. James Newton, do.


Agnes, wid. Alexander Jenkins, do.


Elizabeth, wid. Isaac Watson, do.


Caleb Halsey, June 5.

Sophia, w. Caleb Halsey, do.

Abigail, w. Wm. Milven, do.

Mary, w. Benj. Whitehead, do.

Ann, w. David Burrows, do.

Joshua Townley, do.

Isaac L. Davis, do.

Oliver Nuttman, do.

Phebe, w. Caleb Earl, do.

Mindwell, w. David Jaques, do.

Julia, w. Wm. Whitlock, June 5, 1808.

Mary, w. Job Crane, do.

Charity, w. John Van Sickells, do.

Hannah, w. Wm. Meeker, do.

Samuel Miller, jun. do.

Abigail, w. Oliver Nuttman, do.

Nancy, w. Cornelius Clark, do.

Sarah, w. Samuel K. Miller, do.

Cornelius Clark, do.

Levi Chandler, do.

Jonathon Harrison, do.

Judith, w. Zadock Tucker, c. do.

Rebecca, w. Wm. Badgley, Sept. 4.

David Hinds, do.

Mary, wid. Nathaniel Bond, do.

Phebe, w. William Jones, do.

Sarah, wid. Capt. Benj. Winans, do.

Charles Hughes, do.

Townley Mulford, do.

Stephen H. Woodruff, do.

Maria, w. Robert Young, Sept. 4, 1808.

Rachel Norris, do.

Phebe, w. Stephen Hays, do.

Hannah, w. John Egbert, do.

Ann, wid. James Clark, do.

David J. Wood, do.

Hannah, w. David J. Wood, do.

Richard Townley, do.

Abner Hinds, do.


William Price, do.


John Chandler, jun. do.

Sarah, wid. Aaron Ross, Dec. 4.

Mary, w. Abner Hinds, do.

Jane, wid. Tho. B. Cahow, do.

Elizabeth, w. Benj. Williams, do.

William Meeker, do.

Betsey, w. Swain Tooker, March 5, 1809.

Phebe, wid. Squire Manrow, do.

Charity, w. Job Clark, do.

Sarah, w. Moses Williams, do.

Jane, wid. Samuel Tooker, June 4.

Hester, w. John Spinning, do.

Fanny, wid. Luke Higgins, do.

Ezekiel Crane, Sept. 3, 1809.

Rhoda, w. Townley Tooker, do.

Susan, w. Julian U. Niemcewicz, Mar. 4, 1810.

Hannah, wid. John Zeluff, do.

Susan, w. Tenrub Price, June 17.

Lucy, w. Isaac Ayres, Mar. 3, 1811.

Tenrub Price, do.


Philip Earl, do.


Jehiel Force, do.


Sarah, w. Obadiah Lyon, June 3.

Jerusha, w. Obadiah Meeker, jun. do.

Abigail, w. William Scott, Sept. 1.


Jared Nelson, Dec. 1.

Phebe Meeker, Mar. 1, 1812.

Rhoda, w. Moses Ogden, June 21.

Hannah, wid. Abr. Lyon, do.

Rebecca, w. Noah Norris, do.


Benjamin Woodruff, c. do.


Dorcas, w. Benja. Woodruff, c. do.

Betsey, w. Ward Foster, Sept. 6.

Phebe, w. Enos Price, do.

Fanny, w. Benja. Winans, jun. do.

Mary, w. Ichabod Woodruff, Dec. 5.

Hannah Blackwell, Dec. 5, 1812.

Phebe, w. Francis Randolph, do.

Betty, w. Philip Farmer, c. do.


Mary, wid. Elias Haines, do.


Abigail, wid. John Brown, do.


John Conklin, jun. Mar. 7, 1813.

Elizabeth, d. Aaron Hatfield, do.

Hannah, wid. William Hunt, do.

Moses Ogden, do.

David O. Price, do.

Margaret, w. John Chandler, jun. do.

Hannah, w. Edward Sanderson, do.

Chloe, wid. Ephraim Price, do.

Abigail O. Price, do.


Obadiah Price, do.


Jane, w. Ezekiel Ogden, June 6.

Lucretia, wid. Nathl. N. Halsted, do.

Martha, w. Richard Cambell, do.

Hannah Ogden, do.

Jonathon Megie, do.

Abigail, w. Wm. Garthwaite, do.

Jonathon Townley, jun. do.

Mary Hanna, do.

Gilbert Rindle, June 6, 1813.

York, Ogden, c. do.

Rhoda, w. Jona. Townley, do.

Apollos Chandler, do.

Phebe, wid. John J. Smith, do.

Joseph Stephen Meeker, do.

Hannah, w. Townley Mulford, do.

Mary Ann Price, do.

John Seaton, do.

Hannah, William B. Higgins, do.

John O. Megie, do.

Hannah Conklin, do.

Sarah Pierson, do.

Silas Ward, do.

Ann Perrin, do.

Elizabeth, d. Abr. Hatfield, Sept. 3.

Mary, w. Jonathon B. Dayton, do.

Maria, wid. James Wood, do.

Samuel Ogden, do.

Abigail, wid. Isaac Mattison, do.

Eliza, w. Jesse Howard, do.

David Megie, jun. do.

Esther, w. Samuel Ogden, do.

Martha, w. John Price, Sept. 3, 1813.

Betsey, wid. William Morgan, do.

Mary, w. Jonathon Miller, do.


Phebe, w. Silas Ward, do.


Susan, wid. Abr. Rosette, Dec. 5.

Sarah, wid. John Mulford, do.

Susan Rindle, do.

Luke Tooker, do.


Hannah, wid. Eli Wade, do.


Lucretia, wid. Richard Perrin, do.

Phebe Brown, do.

Mary, w. Silas H. Dickinson, do.

Rebecca, w. David Bond, do.

Abraham M. Mulford, March 6, 1814.

Cornelia, w. Levi Chandler, do.

Kezia, w. Thomas Smith, do.


Elizabeth, wid. Benjamin Smith, June 12.


Jane Tobin, do.


Samuel Miller, do.


Martha, w. John Seaton, Sept. 11.

Lydia, wid. Asa Hillyer, do.

Luke Haviland, do.


Phebe Ogden, Dec. 25.


William Shute, Mar. 5, 1815.


Mary, wid. Thomas Price, jun. do.


Elias Winans, June 18.


Mary Powell, do.


Abigail, w. Jonathon Megie, Aug. 27.


John M. Trumbull, do.


Abigail, w. George Beatty, Dec. 10.


Polly, w. Jonathon E. Crane, do.

Henry W. Chandler, Mar. 3. 1816.

George Francis, c. do.

Abigail, w. Aaron J. Woodruff, June 9.

Julia Gorham, do.

Phebe Woodruff, Sept. 1.


Rachel, w. Ebenezer Spinning, do.


Abigail, w. David Smith, do.

Catharine, w. Isaac L. Davis, Dec. 1.

Mary, w. George C. Barber, do.

Elihu Bond, jun. Mar. 3, 1817.

Rachel, w. James Ireland, do.


William Milligan, do.


Damaris, w. Lewis Woodruff, do.

Mary, wid. Smith Baldwin, June 22.

Charity, w. Caleb Bunnell, do.

Lewis Bond, June 22, 1817.

Mary Lyon, do.

Elizabeth, w. Samuel Dow, do.

Elizabeth, w. Isaac A. Kollock, do.

Jonathon Winans, do.

Ann Gorham, do.

Mary, w. Mervin Hale, do.

Hannah, w. Ichabod Williams, do.

Avice, w. William Inman, do.

Maria M. Barton, do.

Jacob Simonson, do.

Mary Francis, c. do.

David Moore, do.

Margaret, w. Benjamin M. Woodruff, do.

Jack Winans, c. do.

Benjamin Winans, jun. do.

Morris Stiles, do.

Benjamin M. Woodruff, do.

Mary, w. Samuel Harrison, c. do.

Thamar Smith, c. do.


Isaac Price, do.


Henry Lyon, do.

Sarah, wid, Hampton Woodruff, do.

Eliza Miller, June 22, 1817.

Jane V. Woodruff, do


Caharine Moore, do.

Robert Rindle, do.

Gilbert Rindle, jun. do.

David Canfield, do.

Mary, w. Samuel Pierson, do.

Mary, w. Joseph S. Meeker, do.

Phebe, w. Andrew Ogden, do.

Charlotte, w. Lewis Mulford, jun. do.

Hannah, wid. Abr. Spinning, do.


Ann, w. John M. Ogden, do.


Margaret, wid. Robert McKee, do.


Margaret H. Young, do.

Elizabeth V. Young, do.

David Bond, do.

Phebe, w. William I. Craig, do.

Sarah, w. Samuel Baker, jun. do.

Abigail, w. Runyan Trembly, do.


Elizabeth Lum, do.


Edward Sanderson, do.

William Donnington, Sept. 7.

Elizabeth, w. Ezekiel Crane, do.

Elizabeth S. Crane, Sept. 7, 1817.

Phebe, w. Job Sayre, do.

Ann B. Jones, do.

Ann Mulford, do.

Sarah, w. John L Halsey, do.

Sarah, w. Gilbert Longstreet, do.

Eliza Hughes, do.

Eliza Price, do.

Joanna, wid. John Calelough, do.

Sarah Meeker, do.

Jehiel Hull, do.

Abby, w. William Smith, do.

Eliza Meeker, do.

David Osmun, do.

Martha, w. David Osmun, do.

Abby, w. Levi Long, do.

Charity Ogden, do.

Elizabeth, w. John O. Megie, do.

Eliza Pierson, do.

Eunice Woodruff, do.

Edward Frazee, do.

Nancy, w. Edward Frazee, do.

Mary Nesbit, do.

Rachel, w. Anthony Missillier, Sept. 7, 1817.

Samuel R. Winans, do.

Susan Brown, do.

James Sayre, do.

Phebe, w. John E. Vandine, do.

Rachel, w. Aaron Lyon, do.

Abigail, w. Luke Tooker, do.

Matthias Crane, do.

Sarah, w. Matthias Crane, do.

Hannah Woodruff, do.

Charity, w. Jehiel Hull, do.

John B. Meeker, do.

Mary, w. John B. Meeker, do.

Mary, w. John Crane, do.

Caroline Dayton, do.

Esther Ann, w. John Porter, do.

Elijah Tichenor, do.

Elizabeth, w. Elijah Tichenor, do.

Hannah, w. Josiah Miller, do.

Thomas A. Ogden, do.

Jonathon Mulford, do.

Judith Hatfield, do.

Abigail C. Winans, do.

Betsey, w. William Price, Sept. 7, 1817.

Susan Winans, do.

Nehemiah Meeker, do.

Hannah, w. Nehemiah Meeker, do.

Abigail Meeker, do.

Meline W. Halsey, do.

Henry M. Brittin, do.

Mary, d. Eph. Sayre, jun. do.

Susan Jewel, do.


Joanna, wid. William Butler, do.


Isaac Neel, c. do.

Betsey, w. Samuel Brown, c. do.

Mervin Hale, Dec. 7.

Fanny Chandler, do.

Aaron Winans, do.

Eliza, w. Aaron Winans, do.

John Stiles, do.

Nicholas A. Wilson, do.

Zebedee Phraner, do.

Emma Hoyton, do.

Hannah, wid, Abr. Hatfield, do.

Jacob Crane, 3d. do.

Elizabeth, w. Wliiliam Price, do.

George W. Blight, Dec 7, 1817.



Mary Drake, do.

William Price, Mar. 1, 1818.

Stephen Pierson, June 14.


Abijah H. Woodruff, Dec, 6.

Lizette, w. Lind. Benwal, c. Mar. 7, 1819.


John Wood, June 7.

Jane, wid. Jabez Crane, do.

Phebe, w. John Hoagland, Sept. 5.


Benjamin Frazee, do.



Sarah, w. Samuel Wells, do.


Maryann, wid. James Telfair, do.


Mary, wid. Andrew Robertson, Dec. 3.

David Whitehead, sen. Mar. 5, 1820.

Mary, w. Joshua C. Horton, do.

Magaret, w. Samuel Dawes, do.

Sarah Cory, c. do.


Martha, wid. Henry Covenhoven, do.


Susan, w. Jonathon Parker, June 18.

Olivia, w. Jonathon Toms, do.

Ann Humes, do.

Ann Jenkins, do.

John Jenkins, do.

Jonathon Parker, June 18, 1820.

Hannah Parker, do.

Catharine, w. Corns. Hoagland, do.

Violetta Brookfield, do.

Jeremiah Price, do.

Phillis, wid. Plymouth Van Stay, c. do.

George C. Barber, do.

Mary Jenkins, do.

Catharine, w. William Pierson, do.

Maria, w. Jeremiah Price, do.

David Woodruff, do.

Sarah Price, do.

Joseph M. Ogden, do.

William Price, do.

William Pierson, do.

Martha, w. John Jenkins, do.

Jemima, w. Jeremiah Manrow, do.

Rebecca, w. James F. Meeker, do.


Susan, w. Uriah Hand, do.


James F. Meeker, do.

Betsey Ann Ogden, do.

Aaron Price, do.

Aaron W. Harrison, do.

Sarah. W. John Wood, June 18, 1820.

Mary N. Arnett, do.

Betty Barber, c. do.

Sally, w. Robert Francis, do.

Jonathon P. Parker, do.

Hannah Nuttman, c. do.

Mary Ann Tucker, do.

Mary A. Price, do.

Susan Parkhurst, do.

Mary, w. Joseph Crane, do.

Mary Crane, do.

Hetty Robertson, do.


Martha, w. John Yellowly, do.

Hannah Williams, do.


Aaron W. Lyon, do.


Peter Thompson, do.


Maria Antionette Silby, do.


Mary, wid. John Price, do.


Mary, wid. John Clark, do.


Stephen P. Brittan, do.


Lydia, w. Stephen P. Brittan, do.


Hannah, wid. John Winans, do.

Lydia, w. Stephen Rider, Mar. 3, 1822.

Sarah Murdock, do.


Abby, w. John Conklin, jun. do.

Mary, w. Elihu Brittin, June 9.

Cornelia Jarvis, do.


Stephen Rider, Aug. 20.


Margaret, w. David Megie, jun. Dec. 1.

Freeman Adams, Sep. 7, 1823.

Aaron J. Woodruff, do.


Oliver Peirson, do.


Fanny, w. Briant D. Terrill, Dec. 14.


Hannah Spencer, c. do.

Ann, w. Jacob Coursen, do.

Sarah, w. Joseph Scott, do.


Catharine, w. David Depo, Feb, 26, 1824.

Maria, w. John Stiles, June 27.

Martha Hinds, do.

Enoch M. Tombs, do.

Jane, w. Enoch M. Tombs, do.

Abby, w. Luke Haviland, do.

Sarah, w. Nathaniel Crane, do.

Jane, w. Gould Phinney, do.

Lydia Brown, do.

Joanna Haines, June 27, 1824.

Hannah, w. Isaac Thompson, do.

Mary Meeker, do.

Martha, w. Levi Lyon, do.

Phebe Ogden, do.

Jonathon A. Ross, do.

Rachel, w. William P. Marsh, do.


Polly, w. David Drew, do.


Sarah, w. Richard Baker, Sept. 5.

Hannah Force, do.

Mary Conklin, do.

Isaac W. Ayres, do.

Abby, w. Benjamin W. Tooker, do.

Phebe Barton, do.

Neilson Place, do.


Charity, w. Abner Parsil, do.


Adeline Miller, Dec. 5.

Mary Higgins, do.

Rachel Ogden, do.

Mary, wid. Aaron Jewell, do.

Abby M. Harrison, do.


Elizabeth, w. Aaron Haviland, do.


Catharine Ivins, do.


Joshua Boyd, Dec. 5, 1824.


Dorcas Sarah, w. Joshua Boyd, do.


Dr. Caleb C. Jennings, do.


Sarah, w. Caleb C. Jennings, do.





The End.


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