Of The

First Presbyterian Church,

Elizabeth-Town, N.J.

Compiled By John M'Dowell, D.D. Pastor; And Published

By Order Of The Session Of Said Church.



Printed By J. And E. Sanderson.

Dec. 1824

Transcribed and published By

David James Honea-Phillips

Sparks, Nevada

March 5, 2000 All rights reserved to the public domain of publishing. You may distrubute this text to whomever you wish. The original book is soley owned by the publisher of this electronic text and will not authorize any person, corporation, business, or group to claim this information in any format or media as their own.


Dedicated to all those wandering souls that came out over Route 66 to carve out their place in history. Some lost their fortunes, their homes, and even their lives. We should all be grateful for their sacrifice; for their lot in life forged the steel in our very soul.

Thanks go to my Mom and Dad for giving me the sense to appreciate my roots.

Semper Fidelis.

                        David James Honea-Phillips

All text reads exactly as printed in the year of 1824, and no corrections have been made to any person's name, event, spelling, or grammar of that era. WYSIWYG! Enjoy the information, and I hope you find something of use in all this history.

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