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Who were the First Families of Westfield ? It is an arbitrary designation at best, but we consider them to be any family or individuals who were settled in the Westfield area before 1800. While collecting information on our own Westfield ancestors, we repeatedly ran into the same surnames, as would be expected in a small settlement. Soon we found that there were many others who were interested in Westfield families, and they generously shared their genealogical research with us, which often encompassed many years of labor. We decided to ask permission to publish the families on this website, and this is the result of that effort.

Kindly keep in mind that some of the research may be inaccurate, although it is no doubt submitted with the best intentions. We do not have the resources or spare time  to edit all contributions, so corrections are welcome and encouraged if you find a specific error. Please email this information to us and it will be added with the next update. We thank all contributors and hope that you find the information on this website valuable.





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