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A Gazetteer of the State of New Jersey
Counties, Towns, Villages, Canals, Rail Roads, etc.
accompanied by a map
by Thomas F. Gordon


"Westfield - "t-ship, Essex co., bounded N. by Springfield; E. by Union; S.E. by Rahway t-ships; S. by Middlesex co.; W. by Warren t-ship, Somerset co. and by New Providence t-ship. Centrally distant S.W. from Newark 13 miles: greatest length 7, breadth 6 miles; area 18,000 acres; surface on the N.W. hilly, but subsiding to a plain on the south; soil, clay loam northward, and red shale southward: the latter rich and carefully cultivated. Rahway river courses the eastern, and Green Brook the western, boundary. A more abundant and delightful country is scarce any where to be found, than that along from the foot of the mountain, north of Scotch Plains through the t-ship. Westfield, Plainfield, and Scotch Plains are villages and post-towns of the precinct. Population in 1830, 2492. In 1832 the t-ship contained 475 taxables, 124 householders, who rateables did not exceed $30; 64 single men, 5 merchants, 5 grist mills, 2 saw mills, 1 paper mill, 423 horses and mules, and 1111 neat cattle, above 3 years old; and paid state tax, $264 78; county, $692 77; poor $420; road, $800"


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