Key to numbered columns in March, 1779 Tax Rateables of Westfield, Essex County, New Jersey.
You may want to print this out for reference as you look at the tables. Thanks is due to Bette Epstein at the New Jersey State Archives for her assistance in interpretation.

Persons Names ("...shall be assessed, levied and raised on the several inhabitants of this state, their lands, and tenements, goods and chattles...")
1. Acres of Land
2. Value of Land (in pounds)
3. Horses
4. Horned Cattle
5. Hogs
6. Total whereon to Levy ([pounds])
7. Total whereon to Levy (S[schillings])
8. Householders ("All householders, the tax of whole rateable estate, exclusive of certainties, does not amount to Fourty Shillings, shall be rated at the discretion of the assessors, over and above their certainties, not under fifteen schillings nor above fifteen pounds" (implies a head of house that does not own land)
9. Merchants Shopkeepers Traders, etc.
10. Saw Mills
11. Grist Mills
12. Stills
13. Taverns
14. Tanyards
15. Single men c/ horse ("every single man, whether he lives with his parents or otherwise, who keeps a horse...")
16. Single men ("Every single man, whether he lives with his parents or otherwise,who does not keep a horse...")
17. Slaves
18. Servants
19. R Chairs, kittereens & Sulkies (R Chair - Riding Chair; kittereen - "A two wheeled one-horse carriage with a moveable top" [Webster's Unabridged])
20. Money at Interest ([pounds])
21. Money at Interest (S[schillings])
22. Money at Interest (P[pence])
23. Amount of Rates ([Pounds]) - not included - Email me if you would like value - no space
24. Ditto (S[schillings])
25. Ditto (P[pence])

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