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6) Sandra Hamlett 
Sunshine Coast Australia
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6-13-2016 01:45 AM Write a comment

Just found this site and love it !! I visited the Presbyterian church 18months ago while searching for my ancestors. I am originally from England and of course many of my family where first settlers here in NJ. I am researching the Lambert's, the Ross's, Frazee's, Littell's,. My GG uncle Albert Lambert once ran the Merchant and Drover in Rahway which is now a Museum they opened it just for me to check it out, I really loved NJ and with having so many of my family there it felt like home .. sadly none are alive now. If anybody has any info they would like to share with me that would be great .. thankyou !!!
5) Kathy Walsh 
Manchester, NJ
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12-8-2015 08:26 AM Write a comment

Descendant of Jonathan Badgley. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have been diligently working on filling in gaps on my Badgley family history.
4) Ted Steele 
St. Louis, MO
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11-4-2014 02:38 PM Write a comment


I am writing concerning the following entry: []

This page shows Rosetta Frazee as the daughter of Jotham Frazee and Elizabeth Ayers -- their sixth child. Can you tell me the source for this entry?

Also, Rosetta's husband was Morton (not Monton) C. Noble. They were married at the Scotch Plains Baptist Church on 9 Aug 1820. (The original marriage doc is on the FamilySearch website.) I believe him to be the son of George Noble and Anne Martin and the brother of Jane Noble who married Sylvanus H. Oakley at that same Baptist church on 20 May 1815. ( Jane Noble Oakley is my ancestor and I am researching this Noble-Martin family.) Interestingly, Anne's surname is clearly given in Littel as "Martin" (the daughter of Alexander Martin) and Morton's given name is clearly given in the original document as "Morton."

As I'm sure you know, New Jersey research in this time period is made much more difficult by the loss of all of the early NJ census records. So these early church and cemetery records become even more critical. I also find the baptism of Rosetta ("Rosella") Noble (as an adult, apparently) in 1838 in the index to baptisms at the Scotch Plains Baptist church. That said, I can find no further record of Morton (or Martin) or Rosetta Noble in my on-line searches. Do you have any suggestions as to how to pursue this family further?

Thank you, Ted Steele
3) Sharon Pearce 
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2-9-2014 02:04 PM Write a comment

The Ellis Squier history is interesting. I am researching as an antecedent the Benjamin Pearce/Parce family. He was m. to Anna Willis, whose family was in Westfield. They resided "Somerset" Co. in Sept. 1757, perhaps near Second Mountain, but it also seems they were near Rahway, and/or south of the Raritan. Shortly afterward the children, probably parents too, were in Sussex Co., NJ, near the NY line on Mt. Pochuck, near Lyons Farms. It seems the Lyons, Littles and other "Westfield" area families also had extensions in this area of Sussex.
2) Mark Schrammel 
San Diego
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3-12-2013 09:57 PM Write a comment

Best wishes to the many relatives of our Clark and Creveling families.
1) David Kane 
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2-6-2013 04:11 PM Write a comment

I am pleased to announce our new guestbook, one that finally works properly. Please use it to connect with fellow researchers.
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