Cemetery of the Westfield Presbyterian Church
Section I Gravestone photographs
Plan Map of the Cemetery
(using scheme laid out in Guide to the Colonial Cemetery of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey by Herbert A. Halsey)
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Wanted: Local Westfield photographers who will contribute digital photos to this effort.
Please email me with any photos from this cemetery taken at any time.
[missing] = either not present at all or perhaps buried in the ground

William Marsh A-6
Moses Crane A-11
Hannah Miller B-2
William Miller B-4
Mary Miller B-6
Noah Miller B-7
Joanna Crane B-13
Ebenezer Price B-14
Tabitha Price B-15
Mary Price B-16
Lydia Crane B-17
Christopher Crane B-18
Jacob Crane B-19
Enoch Miller C-5
Enoch Miller C-7
Sarah Miller C-9
John Miller C-13
Martha Miller C-14
Andrew Hetfield C-16
Phebe Hetfield C-17
Jacob Hetfield C-18
Elizabeth Hetfield C-19
Mary Hetfield C-20
Mary Hetfield C-20
Andrew Hetfield C-21
Isaac Jewell C-23
Gideon Ross C-30
James Ross C-32
Betsy Clark C-37
Sally Quinby C-38
Garshom Frazee C-39
Elizabeth Lee Frazee C-40
Susanna Terry C-41
John Terry C-42
Susanna Terry C-43
Rebekah Clark D-9
Sarah Cory D-23
Martha Cory D-25
Jonathan Cory D-27
James T. Ross D-29
Sarah Ross D-30
James Ross, Esq. D-31
Hannah Ross D-32
John Ross D-33
Hannah Ross D-34
Joseph Quinby, M.D. D-42
John W. Frazee D-45
Mary L. Frazee D-47
Moses Frazee D-47
Keziah Ross D-49
Sarah Scudder E-7
John Scudder E-10
Joshua Marsh E-16
Sarah Marsh E-17
Joshua Marsh E-18
Jonathan Woodruff E-21
Martha Cory E-23
John Cory E-25
Phebe Stuart E-27
Hannah Mills E-28
Martha Norris E-29
Richard Woodruff F-10
Hezekiah Woodruff F-12
Mary Woodruff F-13
Betsy Woodruff F-18
Hannah Woodruff F-19
Joseph Woodruff F-20
Rebecca Woodruff F-21
Thomas Woodruff F-22
Mary Woodruff F-23
Prudence Woodruff F-24
Jennet Woodruff F-25
Jonathan Woodruff F-26
Jonathan Woodruff, Jr F-27
Lydia Woodruff F-30
Deborah Woodruff F-31
Noah Woodruff F-32
Hannah Woodruff F-33
Samuel Woodruff F-40
John Woodruff F-42
Abigail Woodruff F-43
Matthias Frazee F-44
Hannah Frazee F-45
Samuel Frazee F-46
Susanna Dolbeer F-47 [missing]
Aaron Badgley F-53 [missing]
James Badgley F-59
Samuel Tucker G-16
James Craig G-21
Lydia Craig G-24
Susanna Little G-25 [missing]
Sarah Craig G-27
James Craig G-28
Andrew Craig G-31
Mary Woodruff H-37
Sabrah Woodruff H-41
Abner Woodruff H-42
Mary Woodruff H-44
Anthony Badgley H-58 [missing]
Mary Willis I-7
Abigail Mitchell I-8
John Mills I-34
Mary Hetfield J-7
William Pierson J-8
Daniel Hetfield J-10
Sarah Hetfield J-13
Harriet C. Hetfield J-14
Sarah S. Meeker Hetfield J-16
Ezra D. Hetfield J-17
Abigail Marsh K-4
Phebe Hetfield K-6
Jonathan Hetfield K-7
Mary Hetfield K-9
Matthias Hetfield K-10
Phebe Demoney K-14
Henry Demoney K-15
John Demoney K-17
Deborah High K-25
John High K-26
Mary Brooks K-27
Philip Brooks K-28
Jacob Brooks K-29
Andrew Briant K-30

Mary Briant K-31
Sarah Roll K-33

Boltas Roll K-34
Phebe Ross Roll K-35

Brooks Roll K-36
Mary Woodruff K-40
David James Woodruff K-40
Elizabeth Stewart K-50
Rachel Stuart K-52
Ichabod Clark K-53
Robert Clark K-54
Jacob Clark K-56
Ruth Swenay K-59
Margaret Swenay K-61
Rachel Swenay K-62
Ben-Smith Swenay K-63
Keziah (Bowen) Pierson K-73 [missing]

John Pugsley L-2 [missing]
Hannah Hatfield L-3
Mary Hatfield L-4
Rachel Hatfield L-6
Moses Hatfield L-7
William Hatfield L-8
Jonathan Hatfield L-9
Elizabeth Hatfield L-11
Martha Hatfield L-12
Hannah Demoney L-15
Infant Demoney L-15
Mary Demoney L-18
Phebe Demoney L-19
John High L-22
Rachel High L-23
John High L-24
Linus High L-25
Benjamin Littell L-37
Moses Littell L-39
Mary Terry L-41
Jonas Frazee L-43
Hannah Wright L-59 [buried in 2012]
Nancy Hale [Hole] L-61
Abigail Smith L-63
Moses Dunham M-10
Sarah Baker Dunham M-12
Enoch Dunham M-15
Jane C. Ludlow M-16
Phebe Ann Ludlow M-17
William E. Dunham M-24
Hannah Dunham M-26
Hannah Dunham M-27
Joseph Dunham M-28
Sarah Littell M-29
John Dunham M-32
Nancy Dunham M-33
Carmon F. Littell M-34
John Littell M-36
Eliza Littell M-38
Henry Littel M-39
Sarah Pack M-40
John Littell M-41
Phebe (Frazy) Frazee M-42
Elizabeth Frazee M-43
Isaac Frazee M-44
Rachel Frazee M-45
Samuel Frazee M-46
Lewis Hinds M-48
Marget Hinds M-49
John Hinds M-50
Anna Hinds M-50
Margaret Clark M-51
Huldah Wilson M-53
Charles D. Clark M-54
Eliakim Smith M-70
Jennet Marsh N-31
Lydia Marsh N-32
Elizabeth Marsh N-33
Moses Littell N-35
Hannah Cole N-37
Samuel Hinds O-22
Joseph Hanes O-25
Miss Jane Disbrow O-29
Sabra Miller P-5
Betsy Meeker P-8
David Keyt Meeker P-8
James L. Kerl P-9
Joanna Ross P-10
Elizabeth Ross P-12
Isaac Coles P-13
David Cole P-15
Elizabeth Drew P-18
Jonathan Acken P-28
Elizabeth Acken P-29
John Acken P-31
Wesley V. Woodruff P-33
David M. Woodruff P-34
Mary L. Davis Woodruff P-35
Porlina Davis P-36
Hiram Washington Davis P-37
Sarah Davis P-38
Rachel Davis P-39
H.D. (Davis?) infant P-40
Jonathan Acken Q-37
Joseph Acken Q-38
Sarah Acken Q-39
Jonathan Acken Q-40
Rachel Acken Q-41
Hannah Acken Q-42
Joseph Acken Q-44
Joseph Acken Q-45
Rebecca Acken Q-46
William Parmele Q-48
Marget Noaks Q-58
Elizabeth Miller R-44
Matthias Miller R-45
James Myrick R-46
Rebecca Myrick R-47
Azelia Myrick R-47
Azelia Myrick R-48
Elizabeth Jane Myrick R-49
Anne Miller R-50
Sabra Miller - R-51
Francis M. Hamilton R-61
Ernst H. Agatz R-70
Ephraim Reyno [Ryno?] S-18
Mary Lum S-25
Nancy Lum S-27
Abigail Ludlum S-29

Rebecca Acken S-31
Isaac Acken S-32
Abigail Pack S-33
Mary Ludlum S-35
John Ludlum S-36
Ezekiel Ludlum S-37
Susannah Miller S-43
Levi Cory S-44
Jonathan Cory S-45
Margaret Cory S-47
Joseph Cory S-48
Benjamin Clark S-51
Benjamin Clark S-52
John Clark S-53
Abraham Clark S-54
Jonas Clark S-55
Daniel Briant T-3
Thomas Marsh T-5
Deborah Marsh T-8
Rebecca Miller T-13
Ezra Miller T-15
Mary Miller T-17
Rebecca Miller Fenton T-18
Charles Ross T-20
Benjamin Cory, Jr. T-44
Abigail Cory T-45
Elizabeth Cory T-47
Susannah Cory T-49
Phebe Price T-54
Rice Price T-55
Jonas Price T-56
Marcus Foster T-57
Hugh Collins T-59
Sarah Collins T-60
Susannah Hetfield T-69
Phebe Crane U-1
Aaron Woodruff U-2
Samuel Miller Woodruff U-3
Mary Woodruff U-4
Charles M. Woodruff U-4
Noah Woodruff U-5
Sally Mooney U-12
Maria Mooney U-13
James Mooney U-15
Rachel Mooney U- 17
Nicholas Mooney U-18
Charlotte Mooney U-19
William Hays U-23
Catherine Hays U-24
William Hays U-25
Joseph M. Hays U-27
Eliphalet M. Hays U-28
Daniel Roberson U-34
Abigail Roberson U-36
Abigail Badgley U-39
Jemima Price U-40
Abigail Clark U-42
Henrietta Foster U-43
William M. Woodruff U-44
John R. Clark U-45
Samuel Badgley U-49
Noah Swain U-55
Kounrad Seeckler U-60
Henry Evans U-62
Mary Ann Evans U-64
John James Howard U-69
Jane Howard U-70
John Howard U-70
Susan Radley V-9
Cortland Radley V-10
Hannah Cole V-14
Simeon Cole V-16
Mary Perego V-18
William Perego V-20
John M. Hudspeth V-26
Carman R. Hudspeth V-28
Phebe Dunham W-2
John Dunham W-3
John Pierson W-5
Hannah Radley W-10
David Radley W-12
James Mooney W-20
Caroline Price W-21
James Henry Miller X-3
Samuel Marsh Miller X-3
Aaron W. Miller X-4
Samuel Terry Miller X-5
Mary Parkhurst Pierson X-7
Jemima Pangborn Miller X-8
Samuel Miller X-9
Georgeanna Tiger X-10
Lewis Woodruff X-22
Robert Woodruff X-23
Euphemia Woodruff X-24
Emma F. Woodruff Y-1
George B. Woodruff Y-2
Alonzo B. Woodruff Y-2
James Ostram Woodruff Y-3
Charles M. Woodruff Y-4
Matilda Woodruff Y-4
Gertrude Ann Woodruff Y-6
Noahs Woodruff Y-8
Mary A. Woodruff Y-9
William Williams Z-22
Harriet C. Scudder Williams Y-23
Abraham S. Williams Z-24
Henry M. Williams Z-24
Ann Williams Z-25
Gershom Littell AA-16
Phebe Littell A1-18
Abigail Peeny A1-20
Abigail Ludlow A1-21
John Davis Pierson A2-24
Julia A. Pierson A2-25
William Pierson A2-28
Rebecca Pierson A2-29

Cemetery of the Westfield New Jersey Presbyterian Church - Section 1 Sabra Miller d.1779

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